Somerville Scan Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Alastair Somerville has always had a keen interest in combining culture and technology.
With an MA in Modern History and Management Science from the University Of St Andrews in Scotland, he has worked in a number of industries whilst maintaining a strong involvement in the cultural sector.
As Managing Director of the Crown Nail Company, he initiated several arts projects to record the history and technology of this business. Having combined the work of British artists, journalists and authors, using Arts Council and corporate sponsorship funding, Alastair has a clear experience and understanding of what is needed to successfully make arts and historical projects work in the UK and Europe.
As a theatre lighting engineer, Alastair has worked in both professional and amateur theatres across the UK. Having founded several theatre groups and chaired the management of others, he understands the tensions of creating new dramatic artworks and the importance of clear project management and marketing in achieving successful results.
Having worked in manufacturing for several years, Alastair understands the advantages that new technology can provide. However, the overriding need is to deliver projects that meet the needs of users in themost timely and cost-effective way.