Somerville Scan Cultural

Museums and Galleries

The museums and galleries sector are a key interest of SomervilleSCAN. Many of our projects are within this area and are built on simple, customer-oriented goals.

We offer the use of the appropriate 3D technology to meet the museum or gallery's own needs. Generally, our projects are built on 3 key factors:-
  • Increasing visitor numbers to the museum site
  • Enhancing understanding for the visitors
  • Increasing revenue to the museum
3D models are useful in creating a more tactile visitor experience that increases their sense of involvement and, through simple 3D modelling enhancements, their comprehension.

The ability to control the colour and surface detail of a 3D model means we can adjust physical details to provide better understanding and accessibility. The laying on of Braille or Moon descriptions and the adjustment of colours can provide benefits to blind and visually impaired visitors.

Download our Museums Association Conference 2008 brochure by clicking here